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HOW TO TRAVEL TO CUBA:  By Cruise, Plane or Package

If possible, bring cash in the form of euros or Canadian dollars to change over to Cuban currency. Credit cards aren’t widely used, and changing U.S. currency incurs an additional 10% penalty.

Under the new rules, Americans can bring back up to $400 in goods for personal use, but no more than $100 in total of alcohol or tobacco products.
What’s included in your journey? Just about everything. Cuban-inspired cuisine and cocktails, daytime excursions and activities, full-service spa and state-of-the-art workout facilities, a comfortable, air-conditioned cabin with all the amenities of a modern hotel, plus the luxury of having to unpack only once.

Between cities you will enjoy immersive and relaxing on-board activities like dancing lessons, an authentic Cuban cocktail class, or simply unwinding by the pool. For your time on the island, we’ve created a thoughtful cultural exchange experience that gives you and your fellow travelers the rare opportunity to learn more about the everyday lives of the Cuban people and their remarkable culture. For more information, call 586-775-7300.
There Are Four Reasons To Let A Travel Agent Create Your Travel Package!

1. Travel agents will accept your US-issued credit cards. Despite MasterCard and American Express’s statements on soon being open for use in Cuba, you still can’t seem to pay Cuban vendors with US credit cards. If you want to ensure that you’ll earn some points and miles for your trip, it’s better to book with a valid travel agent who will actually accept your credit card as payment.

2. You can cut down on cash. If you don’t use a travel agent, you’ll be carrying around a lot of cash to pay for your hotel or rental upon arrival, as well as for food, activities, etc. Many hotels/casa particulares don’t have safes, so you run the risk of your cash being stolen from your room or even as you’re walking around.
Fathom, by Carnival, is the first cruise ship company to be granted U.S. approval for round-trip travel between the U.S. and multiple destinations in Cuba, including Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba. While on board, your Cuban cultural experience will travel with you, helping you to deepen your connection to the country and its people. Also, on board, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your Spanish, take part in interactive workshops and discussions, watch Cuban films, and revel in evenings of Cuban music and dance under the Caribbean sky.
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​Jet Blue, American Airlines and Sun Country are among those airlines which offer charter flights to Cuba. Air travel to Cuba is not yet available on commercial flights, but if you're willing to take an additional step to book a flight, it will be well worth it. First, you’ll have to select a charter service that flies from a city near your home. If a flight isn’t operated from your home base, a separate itinerary will need to be arranged for travel. Most 
Travel DealsJamaicaHawaiiCruisesLas VegasDisney World
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flights fly nonstop to Havana, but there are certainly other destinations you may want to visit in Cuba, such as Santa Clara or Holguín. Once a charter service is chosen, travel paperwork will need to be completed and a visa will need to be processed. Once the application is approved planning is mostly over and you'll just have to arrive at the airport ready to fly.
For more information, call 586-775-7300.
3. Some of the best casa particulares are only available via travel agents.
Though AirBnB now offers rentals in Cuba, owners of some of the most attractive, reputable casa particulares (homestay rentals) have exclusive relationships with travel agents.

4. You can book charter flights via travel agents for no additional cost.
Travel agents charge the same price for charter flights as Cuba Travel Services and add extra protection and assistance with flights. Your travel agent may even be able to get you on an otherwise sold-out flight. For more information, call 586-775-7300.
Don’t expect easy access to Wi-Fi or even wired Internet. Do your research on where, or even if, you can plug in before you leave home.

To follow U.S. State Department rules, trips that fall into one of the 12 categories below no longer require a specific license when booked. 

• Visiting family
• Official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments and some intergovernmental
• Reporting trips by journalists
• Professional research and professional meetings
• Educational activities
• Religious activities
• Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions
• Support for the Cuban people
• Humanitarian projects
• Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes
• Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or information materials
• Certain authorized export transactions

All travelers still require a tourist visa and medical insurance. Often, the visa cost is covered in travel package.
Travel DealsJamaicaHawaiiCruisesLas VegasDisney World
MiamiCancunPunta CanaCubaFrance