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Main Attractions
Tour de Vésone
The Vésone Domus is a unique museum in France which is protecting a vast gallo-roman house of vestiges. Opened since 2003, in the heart of archaeological and plants park, Vesunna offers a 3000 square-mile itinerary of permanent presentation of antique Perigueux. In the long entrance to the building, two balconies offer a spectacular view onto the archaeological site. Collections illustrate the prosperity of the ancient administrative center: the city and its inhabitants, the great monuments, the architectural surroundings, the dead world, religion, trade. Sculpted stone blocks found in re-use in the late Empire rampart are part of this collection's cultural wealth which has been built up since the 19th century. Three models reconstitute the city, the Tutella, Vesunna temple (Vesone Tower) and the amphitheatre.
Saint-Front Cathedral
Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum
Périgord Museum of Art and Archeology
Renaissance Streets
Fast-forward from medieval times into the Renaissance among the narrow, winding lanes of the Vieille Ville. There’s a photo op at every turn as you follow the walking-tour map to notable buildings designated with informative historical plaques.

Although the restored stone buildings look like museum pieces, most are elegant residences or offices. More Renaissance beauties are scattered around the town center, notably the Maison du Pâtissier in St. Louis Square. Now a clothing store, the preserved, angled doorway is a masterpiece of Renaissance stone carving.

At the heart of the city, this great institution dating from 1835, the museum of art and archeology of the Périgord, was the first museum established in the Dordogne. With an inventory of 33,500 items and a permanent exhibition space of 2000 square meters, it presents a selection of the most remarkable pieces.

It offers a tour of the arts from pre-history to the present day, and of local, European, African and Oceanic Origin. It is the only collection of its type in the Dordogne. These collections have been assembled thanks to purchases by the city, gifts from collectors in the region, and loans and donations from the state.

Saint-Front Cathedral stands in Puy-Saint-Front, the district that developed around the primitive St. Front Basilica and slowly replaced Vesunna, the antic Cité of Périgueux. The old city indeed never recovered from the various invasions that ruined it in the 3rd and 4th centuries. The basilica is laid out on a Greek cross plan and is a perfect blend of Romanesque and Byzantine architectural styles. The 12th century bell tower connects the two oldest sections of the church. Saint-Front Cathedral is also the seat of the diocese of Sarlat and the largest church in Aquitaine. The keys features of its interior are the splendid Baroque walnut wood altarpiece and the gigantic chandelier above it.
The chandelier is one of three that were in Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris for the marriage of Napoleon III on January 29, 1853. Saint-Front Cathedral was listed Historical Monument in 1840.
This glass museum, designed by Jean Nouvel, is located on the site of a 2000 year-old Roman mansion, which was discovered accidentally in the late 1950's. The remains of this huge villa are impressive and include murals dating back to the 1st century. The museum has an excellent permanent exhibition allowing you to walk on raised walkways over the ruins. It also houses a collection of artifacts from Roman times. The long entrance offer a spectacular view down into the archaeological site, whilst the collections illustrate the prosperity of the ancient administrative center, the city and its inhabitants, the great monuments, the architectural surroundings, the dead world, religion and trade.
Foods You Must Try in Perigueux
Périgord Truffles
Known as the diamonds of the culinary world, truffles are prized all over the world for their pungent aroma and distinct flavor. France is most famous for its black truffle, or the Périgord Truffle. You can find fresh truffles in Périgueux while in season, and you'll find preserved white and black truffles all year round - plus, truffle oils, truffle butters and many more truffle products for your truffle enjoyment! 
Salade Périgourdine
Salade Périgourdine: Salade, Foie Gras Maison sur Toasts aux Figues, Magrets Fumés, Gésiers Confits - Resting on a bed of lettuce is a homemade pate of fattened duck liver served on toast, accompanied by figs. Also included are slices of, smoked duck breast, and duck gizzards confits. A Salade Périgourdine will come with a vinaigrette dressing.
Périgueux Pâté
Périgueux pâté is a traditional dish based on Périgord Foie gras, pork and truffle and it is an exceptional dish. It consists of 57% of Southwest grain Pork stuffing, 40% Périgord duck (or goose foie gras) and at least 3% of Périgord truffle. Périgueux pâté is essentially made in Périgueux as well as thrroughout Dordogne.
Porcini Mushrooms
Porcini mushrooms are an edible wild mushroom whose fruitbody can be described as having a dense, white stipe (stem) that will turn yellow-brown with age. It has a large cap that is pale to rust brown and continues to darken as it matures. At maturity the cap is three to ten inches broad and has a slightly sticky feel.
Sauce Périgueux
This rich, classic sauce is flavored with Madeira and pungent, earthy black truffles, which are a specialty of Périgueux, a city in the Perigord region of southwestern France. Julia Child recommended Sauce Périgueux for filet of beef, fresh foie gras, veal, egg dishes, and timbales - all delicous ways to enjoy the luxury of truffles.
Assiette Périgourdine
Assiette Périgourdine (Assortment of Duck)

Magret de Canard - Duck Breast in Dordogne. Aiguillettes - Duck Breast Tenders.
Duck Leg Confit
Foie Gras
Confit de Canard 
Spider Crab
The spider crab with avocado and citrus fruit couldn't be fresher. The asparagus, served with foie gras, comte and sauce Perigueux (a rich sauce flavored with Madeira and truffles) have never tasted so good. The Dover sole, braised in shellfish broth and served with zucchini ai"oli, is a marvel of refmement, and the Pauliac.
Beef Tournedos
A tournedo is a perfect center-cut filet mignon from the tenderloin. Tournedos should always have the chain muscle that runs along one side of the filet removed. The classic "Rossini" garniture consists of a slice of terrine of foie gras and sauce Périgueux, made with chopped and sliced truffles.
Confit de Canard 
Duck confit is a French dish made with the whole duck. According to the families perpetuating the tradition of duck confit, all the pieces of duck are used to produce the meal. Each part can have a specific destination in traditional cooking, the neck being used for example in an invigorating soup, the garbure. Duck confit is considered one of the finest French dishes.
Périgord Cassoulet
Périgord cassoulet, a pan of soup with white beans, vegetables, local ham and a leg of poultry. Take care what you drink: this filling broth will overpower any wine except a full-bodied red. Consider a relatively local bottle from Cahors or Bergerac.
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River Garonne
River Garonne has its source in the Spanish Pyrenean, just at the border to France. It flows then first in a huge bow to the northeast to the city Toulouse, where it turns towards the Atlantic Sea. As from Toulouse, it’s accompanied by the Canal lateral à la Garonne but at Castets en Dorthe the river takes responsibility over navigation himself. It happens now and again that there is a lack of water for commercial traffic. For leisure boating, there is most of the times enough of it. Right after Bordeaux, River Garonne flows into the Dordogne and they become the Gironde. As from there, navigation is subject to maritime regulations.
Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc is medium-bodied red wine whose origins lie in the Basque country of France. The wine is loved for its savory, bell pepper-like flavors, medium-high acidity and mouthwatering taste. It is an ideal food pairing wine. You can find single-varietal Cabernet Franc wines. Cabernet Franc is a parent to Cabernet Sauvignon (the other is Sauvignon Blanc). The crossing occurred sometime during the middle 1600’s in the southwestern regions of France.
Petit Verdot
Petit Verdot is a grape variety with a strong personality (flavoring, tannin, intense) the 'Little' Verdot is often used to complete great wines like in some of the Médoc and Graves (for ex the Château-Margaux), to give the wines more complexity. Even a little part of Verdot is enough to modify a red wine; that is the reason why it is sometimes a little part of most of the “Grand Crus classes” from year 1855.
Merlot: came to the area at the end of the 18th century. The Merlot is the global reference for velvety young red wines. It is fruity, and may contain red fruits flavour and a touch of flower or prune. Often associated (to a lesser extent) with the Cabernet Sauvignon, they constitute together a big part of Bordeaux’ great wines (Pomerol or Saint-Emilion for example).
Famous Waterways in Perigueux
L’Isle was once a very important waterway link for Périgord. Canalization started already in the 17th century. In 1768 the first barges reached Périgueux. The 9 chamber locks were closed in the 18th century but soon after, one started with construction of the new locks. In 1938, the stretch between Périgueux and Coutras, 110 km and 39 locks, was open to navigation again. In 1956, navigation ceased once more, some short stretches however, remained navigable. The final 30 km until Libourne, the waterway, is navigable and maritime water. 
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Wines You Must Try In Perigueux