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Main Attractions
Centre Des Monuments Nationaux
The Center for National Monuments is a French public administrative body under the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It manages, animates and opens to the visit nearly 100 national monuments, properties of the State. The Center for National Monuments has the mission of highlighting the heritage entrusted to it, developing its accessibility to the greatest number and ensuring the quality of reception. With nearly 200 events a year, it promotes the participation of national monuments in cultural life and the development of tourism , in consultation with the regional directorates of cultural affairs , local authorities and networks of cultural institutions. The mission of the public establishment is to enhance and open the national monuments to the public.
Capilla de Saint Aubert
Le Petit Mont Saint Michel
La Pointe du Grouin
La Maison des Polders
At the Maison des Polders, in Mont St Michel Bay, you can visit the museum and take some superb outdoor trails to discover the amazing story of how the land was reclaimed from the sea. Polders, seawalls and salt marshes are uniquely typical of the landscape around Mont St Michel, fashioned by the sea and by man. The story of these unusual constructions is told in the Maison des Polders discovery centre, housed in a handsome 18th century building. Scale models, display boards and films tell you about the fauna and fauna of the bay, and about man's achievements. The Maison des Polders is the departure point for many commentated tours, bay getaways where you'll find out about biodiversity, the built heritage and the local skills and crafts.

Marking the westernmost tip of the Bay of Mont St-Michel, La Pointe du Grouin, the brilliantly located headland, not only allows you to benefit from sublime views eastwards, but also splendid ones to the west. The island just offshore is off-limits though as it’s the preserve of birds. The panorama is flabbergasting on a clear day. To the north, far out to sea beyond the Herpin lighthouse, you can make out the Îles Chausey, a scattering of islands off Normandy’s Cotentin coast. he coastal path south leads to a string of charming coves with little ports tucked into them. Port-Mer proved particularly popular with 19th- and 20th-century artists, but all of them are blissfully protected from the prevailing winds, offering wonderfully sheltered spots from which to contemplate the Bay of Mont St-Michel. 
The Saint-Aubert Chapel is located at the north-western end of Mont Saint-Michel. It is a rectangular building with a gabled roof and two arched windows. Inside, a venerated statue of St. Aubert. It is a Romanesque complex that was erected in the twelfth century, according to specialists, by Abbot Torigni, who was from the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel between 1154 and 1186. Legend has it that a local farmer named Bain attempted to move a large stone that bothered his farming activities. Specialists who have followed the trail believe that it was an ancient menhir. The intercession of the future Saint-Aubert, who was the son of the farmer, who was barely a twelve-year-old boy, was decisive. He kicked the fat stone and knocked it over. That it was a menhir, a sacred stone stuck with the Celts, has its meaning. The holy child, still unaware of it, kicked a symbol of paganism.
Le Petit Saint-Michel is definitely on the 'Do Not Miss List' in this region. Treat yourself to a wonderful coastal walk. The beach near Le Petit Saint-Michel is an enjoyable experience, whether you'd like to take an adventurous, but peaceful, stroll along the beach - or whether you need a moment to relax and rest while sunbathing. There are three amazing coastal walks of the Ballades en Cotes de Penthievre to enjoy. After taking in the unforgettable atmosphere of nature here, you will be ready to enjoy lunch or dinner at Le Petit Saint-Michel. And the terrace offers an amazing and panoramic view of the area.

Best Restaurants in Mont St. Michel
La Mère Poulard
La Mère Poulard has been operating since 1888, and over the years has accrued a vast number of autographed portraits from past diners. Famous faces like Ernest Hemingway and Yves Saint Laurent now fill the walls,. Aside from its celebrity clientele, La Mère Poulard is also known for its omelettes. They are cooked over an open fire, a technique pioneered by the eponymous Annette Poulard herself.
Du Guesclin 
Regional specialties, panoramic views of the surrounding area, and sumptuous white decor all combine for a memorable dining experience here at the Hotel Du Guesclin. Three set menus are provided to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. On these menus you can find chicken with Valée d’Auge sauce and salmon fillet with Saint Malo sauce, areas in neighboring Normandy and Brittany respectively. 
Le Relais Saint Michel
Le Relais Saint Michel is a gourmet restaurant offering a panoramic view over the bay and has been awarded the Tables & Auberges de France label. Discover the culinary delights in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. In the daytime, you can watch the show of the highest tide in the world, and in the evening from the terrace, dining room or cosy piano bar La Retonde, you can discover the Mont Saint Michel illuminated.
Le Pré Salé
The team at Le Pré Salé would love you to come and sample their French cuisine. In an exceptional setting, very close to Mont Saint-Michel and the Abbey, it’s a place that will seduce discerning foodies from all over the world. The speciality is salt meadow lamb. Fed on iodised, saltwater vegetation, the meat is of a very high quality and has a distinctive flavor loved by foodies the world over.
Les Terrasses Poulard
Amid cast-iron chandeliers and copper pots hung from the walls, this bright and buzzing, always packed eatery, serves up the usual assortment of bistro classics, as well as galettes. The waterfront views at Les Terrasses Poulard are a nice bonus.
La Croix d'Or
The restaurant La Croix d'Or offers to its customers a warm welcome as distinguished as in a rustic setting where their fires to mix brass trim. Here, the pleasure of palate is supported by an impeccable food presentation and original.
Do not hesitate to taste the stuffed pigeon - or turbot crusted potato butter, creamy mushroom and truffle flavor.
La Sirène
Although hidden at the back of a souvenir shop, this cozy little crêperie is well worth hearing the siren’s call and ascending the 15th-century staircase. The sweet crêpes come loaded with your choice of fruit, chocolate, nuts, cream, or caramel. Salads are also served within the pleasant little dining room, as are coffee, wine, and Normandy cider.
Auberge Saint-Pierre
The restaurant of the Hotel Auberge Saint-Pierre, located in the heart of Le Mont-Saint-Michel, offers a varied menu centered around Italian cuisine and seafood dishes. The outside terrace, with stunning views of the bay surrounding the island, is even more enticing. What better place is there to enjoy mussels, fish chowder, frutti di mare pasta, or Brittany lobster than in a chair overlooking the sea?
La Ferme Saint Michel
Le Ferme Saint-Michel Restaurant lies in rural surroundings in a former polder farm. The largebuilding, the ancient stones, the large fire-place, all breathe authenticity. With exceptional surroundings, and a warm, attentive welcome, this restaurant offers optimum presentation of the local region - vegetables from polders, lamb from salt meadows, and a wide choice of menus.
La Rôtisserie
Food lovers must try this restaurant when they come to Mont Saint-Michel. La Rôtisserie caters to a large number of guests who will definitely appreciate its attentive service and modern pop-art style decor. Choose from the à la carte or fixed price menus which include: our specialities (galettes, salads, grilled meats, light bites), and regional dishes and desserts for foodies, young and old.
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Couesnon River
The Couesnon is a river running from the département of Mayenne in north-western France, forming an estuary at Mont Saint-Michel. Its final stretch forms the border between the historical duchies of Normandy and Brittany. Its historically irregular course, alternating between two beds on the north and south of the Mont Saint-Michel eventually settles to the south bed.  In the 20th century, the Couesnon was turned into a canal, to reduce the erosion of its banks. In 1969, a dam was built. These modifications, and the causeway linking Mont Saint-Michel to the mainland, have caused the buildup of mudflats.
Calvados is a fine brandy produced from apple juice. More than 200 apple varieties are used in Calvados with a spectrum of flavor components - sweet, acidic, bitter and bittersweet. As with Cognac, Calvados is sometimes aged in new oak, and sometimes in previously used barrels. Sometimes it is a blend of Calvados that were given different oak treatments. Though it can be consumed in different ways, the balloon glass is the ideal vessel for full enjoyment of its rich complexity. Located near the timeless Mont Saint Michel, Domaine du Coquerel was founded in 1937. Calvados Coquerel is the number two Calvados in the world.
Cider Brut/Artisanal La Mere Poulard au Mont Saint-Michel is a favorite in Mont St. Michel. Typical making process and fine blending selection. Lovely crisp fruity aroma. Crisp palate. Finish mellow and of very ripe sweet apples. Clear medium yellow orange color with a small to average, frothy - fizzy, fair lacing, fully diminishing, off-white head. Aroma is moderate to heavy apple, dry apple, vanilla. Flavor is moderate to heavy sweet and light acidic with a average to long duration, dry . Body is medium, texture is watery to oily, carbonation is flat.
Chouchen an alcoholic drink which is the Breton version of the mead of the Middle Ages - made from honey fermented in water. However, in Brittany the juice of freshly-pressed apples is used. In general, a third of the volume should be honey for the chouchen to attain the correct strength. The chouchen is usually allowed to mature for at least a year, so it can develop all its taste and scents of honey and apple. Traditionally it is served well-chilled, though without ice, as an apéritif or digestif. It can also be used in cookery, with foie gras, melon or seafood, which is widely enjoyed in Brittany.
Famous Waterways in Mont St. Michel
The Bay at Le Mont Saint Michel
For many years, the bay around Mont saint Michel is considered a must see and a place to be explored when visiting the Mont. However in recent years the bay has become important for more than just tourist and sight seers, since the arrival of ecology scientific studies that have been carried out all over the bay due to the bays surprising natural phenomena. The extraordinary tides in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel are because of its geographical location. The movement of the tide, coming in from the Atlantic sea, hits the Cotentin coast like it’s a wall, and the tidal water breaks on the coast before going in to the bay.
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Liqueurs To Try In Mont St. Michel