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   SEVEN SEAS TRAVEL • 21719 HARPER AVENUE • ST. CLAIR SHORES, MI 48080 • 586-775-7300
Main Attractions
Musée André Malraux
Musée André Malraux is the first museum rebuilt in France after the war and the first cultural center on an exceptional site facing the entrance to the port. It symbolizes the city’s open approach to the world. Le Havre is a remarkable showcase for this glass, steel and aluminium vessel which is accessible via a gangway. Created in 1845, the collection is not a reflection of any pre-existing collection resulting from revolutionary loot. Rather it was constituted by a city wanting to reunite and identify with its heritage. Thanks to acquisitions, donations, legacies and national deposits, the different European schools of painting, since the Renaissance, were exhibited. The museum is centered on Impressionism and Fauvism, developed with certain acquisitions in the 20th century.
Les Jardins Suspendus
Hotel Dubocage Belville
Maison de l'Armateur
Eglise St-Joseph
St. Joseph’s Church in Le Havre, France was built from 1951 to 1958. An uncontested symbol of Le Havre’s renaissance, Saint-Joseph church is an extraordinary edifice - impressive dimensions and its trans-Atlantic style disturb traditional religious references, yet also make it one of the most remarkable constructions of the 20th century in France. This Roman Catholic church, built in a Neo-Gothic style, acts as a memorial to the 5,000 civilians from the city who died during World War II. The somber cement steeple rises over 350 feet and when photographed from the inside results in some pretty striking imagery. It's stunning from the outside, with a very impressive interior. It is a marvel to look around at the ceiling and the many colorful glass windows. On the back wall there is an excellent display showing the history of the church and the effects of World War II. 

The Maison de l'Armateur, with its 18th-century architecture, its interior composition organized around a central skylight, is an emblematic museum of Haitian history. Some rooms are treated in the same way as showrooms. The others are the apartments, the cabinets of curiosity, the library or the study of a rich merchant Havrais. The atmosphere, the intimacy, the organization of the spaces and the choice of the collections take the visitor to the social and aesthetic codes of a page of history where the tumults and changes succeed one another and where the most noble habitats seek comfort and antique elegance. Alongside the permanent collections, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions. The Maison de l'Armateur can accommodate only a limited number of people at a time, and you may be asked to wait. For groups, it is essential to book. Visits outside the opening ranges can be considered on request.

Restored in an old 19th century fort and benefiting from the best view of the sea and the Seine bay of Le Havre, these gardens invite you to stroll and discover the botanic across five continents. This botanical garden is located on the heights of Le Havre inside the old fort of Sainte-Adresse . They dominate the lower city, the estuary and the Channel . In total, Les Jardins Suspendus (the Hanging Gardens) has over 3,700 plant species. The spirit of the garden is to pay homage to botanists who have traveled or traveled around the world, many of whom have embarked in Le Havre . An old hilltop fortress a bit north of the tourist office has been transformed into a beautiful set of gardens, whose greenhouses and outdoor spaces feature exquisite flowers, trees and grasses from five different continents. There are fine views over the harbor. 
Located in the heart of the Saint-François district, this private mansionof the XVIIth century, belonged to Michel Joseph Dubocage of Bléville, navigator, king's corsair and first-rate merchant. It allows to discover objects, prints, plans, models, paintings - making reference to the History of Le Havre and its port. On the ground floor and upstairs of the house, the public can wander through two open-access spaces, where the permanent collections regularly make temporary exhibitions linked to the history of Le Havre, great political facts, maritime trade  with collections of graphic art, fine arts and decorative or technical arts. In the museum, two ground-floor display rooms are used for temporary exhibitions about Le Havre’s history and maritime trade. The upper floor house features two beautiful collections of Chinese porcelain and glassware.
Top Restaurants in Le Havre
Le 404
Le 404 is a modern French brasserie complete with art-adorned brick, grey walls and colorful lighting. The menu features soups, salads, meat and fish dishes - with many options changing often to reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients. Choices include the rabbit with mustard sauce; and the duo of burgers - one with beef, chorizo and raclette and the other with turkey, braised endives, and Maroilles sauce. Pair your savory dishes with house fries, rice, or ratatouille.
L’Orchidée is a lovely family-owned establishment brimming with warmth and serving delicious meals. The menu changes frequently in order to showcase the freshest ingredients available, but diners will often find highlights such as the entrecôte française with camembert cream and roasted potatoes; magret de canard with green pepper and potatoes; and the crème brûlée with orange zest.
La Bouche à Oreille
Tucked away on a quiet street, La Bouche à Oreille is a family-run venue serving traditional French cuisine. Elegant yet casual, the atmosphere is perfect for a leisurely lunch or dinner. The restaurant offers several prix-fixe menus, which include dishes such as friend prawns served with risotto with truffle oil; seared tuna steak with sesame seed wasabi and pepper cream; and tantalizing vanilla crème brûlée. 
Bagatelle can be found in the heart of the Saint François quarter. A chic and stylish bistro, Bagatelle features several different prix-fixe menus along with an a la carte menu. If you’re craving a burger, you’ll find several options including the ‘Force Basque’ version with duck breast, ground beef, a slice of foie gras, smoked pork, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and bleu cheese all on organic bread and served with fries. You’ll also find traditional French dishes. 
A Deux Pas D’Ici
A Deux Pas D’Ici is located in the Saint François quarter of Le Havre. Diners will have the choice of a chef special, which changes daily in order to reflect the best ingredients available, or something from the a la carte menu. Notable menu highlights include the trio of fish with a luxurious saffron butter; the filet of beef with creamy livarot (cheese) sauce; and for dessert, iced soufflé with Grand Marnier and chocolate. 
La Petite Gourmandise
La Petite Gourmandise is a charming, cozy restaurant. You’ll find dishes such as the fish of the day, which is selected from the St. François market, the entrecôte de boeuf with camembert sauce and the vegetarian plate, which changes daily. Finish your meal with something sweet like the île flottante or profiteroles. 
Jean-Luc Tartarin
Jean-Luc Tartarin has been awarded two Michelin stars. Procuring the freshest ingredients daily, the culinary team, headed by Chef Jean-Luc Tartarin, creates new, exciting dishes to tantalize the taste buds of guests. The prix-fixe menus include Black Angus beef with béarnaise sauce and potato purée with fresh butter; roasted turbot (fish) with mango, zucchini, and coconut; and steamed cod with leeks and currants. 
La Taverne Paillette
La Taverne Paillette is family-friendly brasserie. Although located in France, the interior space will transport you to Bavaria with its honey-toned woods and spacious feel. The menu features a variety of fresh seafood, including four types of mussels - marinière, crème, Roquefort, and à la Normande. You’ll also find plenty of sausages, salads, hot and cold entrées. Try the famous La Bière Paillette - a local brew and a definite must-try when visiting La Taverne Paillette.
Le Lyonnais
A classic French restaurant, Le Lyonnais exudes charm. It offers several prix-fixe menus dependent on your hunger level - typical dishes include the cassolette de la mer, the chef’s specialty. The menu also contains a lot of local specialties like andoullette and fish dishes which are all well prepared and flavorful. Their fish stew is recommended as it is one of their house specialties. And don't forget the profiteroles maison for dessert. 
Fifty’s American Diner
For something a little different and fun, head to Fifty’s American Diner. With a love of everything 1950’s Americana, you’ll find an eclectic venue decorated with red-and-white vinyl seating, including booths, pictures and neon signs. The menu features an array of juicy burgers named after various locales in the USA, salads, bagel sandwiches, side dishes, and desserts. Try the Route 66 burger topped with smoked bacon, cheddar, potato pancake, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cream cheese paired with some fries. 
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Upper Seine
To the north of Paris, the Seine is a busy waterway, connecting with France's main port of le Havre, River Yonne - The Yonne at Auxerre. South of Paris, there is a major network of waterways open to pleasurecraft; as well as the rivers Seine, Marne and Yonne, there is a network of canals, once used to transport goods.

Pommeau is an alcoholic drink made in north-western France by mixing two thirds apple must (unfermented apple juice) to one third of one-year-old Calvados.. Considered a mistelle, it is generally consumed as an apéritif, or as an accompaniment to melon or blue cheese. The proportions are chosen to ensure that the resulting mixture has 16 to 18% alcohol by volume. It is also popular with a variety of desserts, including any chocolate or apple-based dishes. The resulting drink is mahogany in color with a bright luster, and has an overall smooth taste, often with vanilla, caramel and butterscotch flavors.
Bénédictine is a herbal liqueur beverage developed by Alexandre Le Grand in the 19th century and produced in France. Every bottle of Bénédictine has the initials D.O.M. on the label, which stands for "Deo Optimo Maximo" ("To God, most good, most great"). The manufacturing process involves several distillations which are then blended. The recipe of Bénédictine is a commercial secret, but it is known to contain 27 herbs and spices, of which the following 21 are publicly known: Angelica, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, saffron, mace, fir cones, aloe, arnica, lemon balm, tea, thyme, coriander, clove, lemon, vanilla, orange peel, honey, red berries, cinnamon, and nutmeg - leaving 6 unknown ingredients.
Calvados is distilled from cider made from specially grown and selected apples, from over 200 named varieties. It is not uncommon for a calvados producer to use over 100 specific varieties of apples, which are either sweet (such as the 'Rouge Duret' variety) or tart (such as the 'Rambault' variety). The fruit is harvested and pressed into a juice that is fermented into a dry cider. It is then distilled into eau de vie. After two years of aging in oak casks, it can be sold as calvados. The longer it is aged, the smoother the drink becomes. Usually, the maturation goes on for several years.
Famous Waterways in Le Havre
Port of Le Havre 
Port of Le Havre is France’s leading container port and the maritime gateway to European and world trade. Being a deep water seaport, and owing to an outstanding location on the West - European sea board, Port of Le Havre accommodates each year around 6,000 vessels among which are the world's largest container ships. Accessible 24/7 without any limitation of tide, Le Havre handles about 70 million tonnes of cargo per year with the shortest transit times. It is, for example, the third European port for traffic between Asia and Europe, with more than two calls per day on that destination. Port of Le Havre is the largest world port for the trade of wines and spirits: since 2014, over one billion bottles of wines & spirits have gone through the port every year, of which 90 % on export and 10% on import.
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Liqueurs You Must Try In Le Havre