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Main Attractions
Château de Béru
Château de Béru is a historical residence of the 13th century, which was reworked in the Renaissance and later at the end of the reign of Louis XIV. You can see a rare sundial and lunar dome of the 16th century and a medieval dovecote with 1,000 pigeonholes. It is located in the middle of the vineyards overlooking one of the most beautiful hills of Chablis in the heart of the village of Béru with its unique landscape and terroir: Le Clos de Béru. Laurence de Béru and her daughter Athénaïs are today at the head of this vineyard. They will welcome you to this wine domain, which has been in their family for more than 400 years, and will help you discover one of the most beautiful wine regions of France with all its historical riches.
Le Lavoir
Earl Pascal Henry
Prieuré Saint Cosme
Domaine Alain Geoffroy
Domaine Alain Geoffroy is a family-run estate on the famous Kimmeridgian limestone soils of Chablis. The Geoffroy family have been on the site since 1850. Domaine Alain Geoffroy, offers the public an original visit, that of sonMusée of Vine and corkscrew. Fermentation of this wine is achieved using yeasts naturally present in the winery. The wine then spends three months on its lees before bottling. With a historical and technical twist, the craft of the winemaker of the past is told through a staging of old tools. And, you will discover a private collection, unique in France, corkscrews most original and all the others. With over 5000 pieces, our museum of the vine and the corkscrew offers an experience you will never forget.  Variety Chardonnay, their Chablis are distinguished by their finesse, their mineral character and their length in mouth. Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premiers Crus : Beauroy, Vau-Ligneau, Fourchaume, Chablis Grands Crus Les Clos, white, red and rosé Bourgogne.
Prieure Saint-Cosme was, for the canons of the 12th century, 'a paradise on earth to reach more easily the paradise'. This priory has interesting ruins, gardens, and a restored chancel and refectory. It is better known as the abode of Ronsard, who was the prior of it from 1565 to 1585 and whose home he lived in. The poet, who died there, was buried in the old church. You can visit the garden tomb, bedroom, and office of Pierre de Ronsard, the notable French Renaissance poet. Then stroll the tranquil gardens that showcase a large heirloom rose collection. The new gardens are the result of a contemporary creation that offers the public the priory in its original environmental context.
This lavoir, or wash house, used to be where the residents of Chablis would go to wash their clothes in the river. Located in the city center, this wash house was built in the 19th century. The washerwomen were protected from the weather by a roof in the shape of a 'half- rotunda' carried by a framework backing against a wall in stones. To avoid pollution, a wall separates the source from the annular trough used for washing at the lavoir. Fireplaces around the laundry area produce the ash used for cleaning. The wash house has been classified as a historic monument since 1920.  This wash house was built in stone on the edge of the Serein, which supplied the mill of the city. The wash house's facade is made up of nine arches out of stone, the whole is reflected in a water arm lined with trees, and in the summer there are beautiful flower boxes, well filled, which enhance this wash house site well. 

Top Eateries In Chablis
Les Trois Bourgeons
Les Trois Bourgeons, or "The Three Buds", is a restaurant opened in Chablis by three chefs from Japan. The kitchen is, above all, a kitchen that will follow the seasons and the best seasonal products. Part of the menu puts the Bourguignonne cuisine in the spotlight. And the second part is all about inventiveness and imagination. The room is open to the kitchen, and you can discover the chefs 'playing' the piano.
Hostellerie des Clos
In the heart of Chablis, the Hostellerie des Clos invites you for a gastronomic experience in the restaurant overlooking the garden. When the sunny days come, you can have lunch on the terrace. For your family or business meetings, the private lounge is at your disposal to preserve your privacy and tranquility. Try a selection of their 'a la carte Burgundy dishes'. The Chefs, Michel Vignaud, and Anthony Salliege are passionate by the region and the traditional recipes.
Le Syracuse
Le Syracuse is a pleasant restaurant, well-situated in the main town square. Sit in the attractive courtyard and enjoy an excellent salad chèvre chaud or the special salad of the day (each big enough to be a main course), followed by the local dish, Jambon Chablisienne. To finish, savor the crème brulée and excellent cassis sorbet. There is a very good wine-list, and well-priced from many of the local producers. Altogether a great option in this town full of excellent eateries.
Chablis Bar
The Chablis Bar is extensively used by the local populace, which is one of its attractions. This café is a fine place for breakfast, with a menu which includes croissants, baguettes, preserves, orange juice and coffee. The service is charming in proper French surroundings. And Chablis premier cru is available by the glass/pichet. You will enjoy the atmosphere and the people.
S. Chablis
S. Chablis is a wine shop, specializing in wines from Chablis and Burgundy. At the wine bar, taste and discover the wines by the glass. And, for a complete experience, training, visits and events will be organized for you in Chablis. At the restaurant, you'll be welcomed into a friendly atmosphere around a simple menu that highlights the wines that will accompany it.
La Cuisine Au Vin Chablis
La Cuisine au Vin is a gourmet restaurant with 100 seats. The interior decor is bright and comfortable, sober and bright, simply shining like gold with the green reflection of Chablis. Specialties include Ham in Chablis, Andouillette Chablis, and Chablis Snails. Organic vegetables, fruits and herbs are produced by the restaurant's market gardener throughout the year on the gardens and orchards of Daniel-Etienne Defaix at the old castle.
Le Bistrot des Grands Crus
A block southeast of Porte Noël, this hip place serves cuisine du terroir made with the freshest local ingredients. The three-course menu changes three times weekly, while the formule (main course plus glass of wine, available weekdays at lunch and dinner) is an excellent option for lighter eaters.
Au Fil du Zinc
Discover Au fil du Zinc - a restaurant, which offers a revisit in a neo-bistro atmosphere French cuisine.  This restaurant offers renewed regularly menu, prepared with fresh, seasonal produce.
Au Vrai Chablis
Au Vrai Chablis - right in the center of Chablis - offers an extensive menu, and is absolutely first class traditional French cooking, while the staff finds the time to explain the intricacies of the cuisine. This bistro-style establishment offers very generous servings of terrines, salads, casseroles, cooked on the premises, and seasoned carefully - country dishes at fair prices. And the wine list is magnificent too!

Le Pretexte
French food lovers will have a great time at this typical small restaurant in the very center of Chablis. Special mention to the smashed potatoes and the strawberry soup! And meals are served with gorgeous local wines!

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Canal de Bourgogne
The Canal de Bourgogne connects the river Yonne at Laroche-Migennes with the river Saône at Saint-Jean-de-Losne. Bask in beautiful vineyards and sample iconic vintages wine-tasting in the renowned Chablis wine region! Visit the charming 14th century medieval market village. Barges cruise along two rustic canals in Northern Burgundy, the Canal de Bourgogne and the Canal du Nivernais.

Grand Cru Chablis
Grand Cru Chablis vary widely in taste, depending on the climate and wine-making technique. Some producers opt to oak-age Chablis, which adds a savory unctuousness to Chablis that can be both oily and smoky. The fruit in the Grand Cru wines range from intense orange-rind, apricot and passion fruit to more savory aged flavors of bruised apple and peanut shell. Again, the taste of a Grand Cru Chablis is highly dependent on the producer, so look into tasting notes carefully to find what you want. Enjoy with shellfish, crab and lobster.
The Wines of Chablis
Petit Chablis
Petit Chablis is a brilliant pale gold, the color of rye-straw, sometimes flecked with green. Its aromas are of white flowers (may, acacia) mixed with citrussy notes (lemon, grapefruit) over a mineral base. Notes of peach and other white-fleshed fruits are sometimes encountered. The mouth is light and lively with well-balanced acidity. Enjoy with oysters, raw fish, and prawns. Freshness, body and persistence come together to form a harmonious whole. The wine is drunk young, ideally after two years.
Chablis Premier Cru
From the more mineral, which are closed when younger, to the more floral, which develop delicate, subtle aromas, the Climats of Chablis Premier Cru enchant the palate. Behind their pale golden appearance, the nose does not immediately express all its potential, and requires a little aeration. This is a wine for ageing, from five to 10 years. Premier Cru Chablis AOPs have slightly richer fruit profiles with starfruit and lemon flavors along with stronger distinct flinty minerality. Enjoy with shellfish and lobster.

Famous Waterways in Chablis
River Serein
The Serein is a river of eastern France and is the main waterway of the Chablis wine district in Burgundy. The river flows through the center of the wine producing town of Chablis . Serein is the French word for 'serene'. This may reflect the placid nature of its course, or the strong monastic tradition in the area. The history of the area is dominated by the Church at Pontigny and nearby Auxerre, whose remit extended to building the famous castle at Noyers.

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Domaine Pascal Henry vineyards all have a South, South-East exposure implanted on clay-limestone soil. Ideally located at the junction of the Auxerrois vineyards and the Chablisien vineyards, the wine estate belonging to Pascal and Pascale Henry consists of fifteen hectares of vineyards that have been carefully and respectfully blended with nature and tradition. This wine estate was created 25 years ago. The wines offered for sale are: Chablis, Burgundy (white, red and rosé), Burgundy aligoté., Burgundy Chitry red, Cremant of Burgundy, and Chablis Premier Cru.  Visitors are welcome year-round, Monday through Saturday, from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm, Thursday by appointment, for groups and individuals. Closed on Sundays except appointment. Tasting-sale in the cellar or in an old cellar.